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US, Canada, UK accuse Russia of hacking COVID-19 vaccine trials

Hackers backed by the Russian government are attempting to steal information from researchers and pharmaceutical companies racing to find a COVID- vaccine, Britain, the United States and Canada alleged Thursday.  images Science researcher in full protection equipment is studying and developing new vaccine in biochemistry to fight against coronavirus in safety laboratory. Britain’s National

US reportedly investigating TikTok

The US Federal Trade Commission and Justice Department are probing allegations that TikTok has failed to meet its obligation to protect children s privacy under a agreement, Reuters reported Tuesday. Two sources told the news agency they participated in separate conference calls with the agencies regarding the accusations. TikTok is a wildly popular social

Thucydides And The Dragon: Artificial Intelligence And Sino-US Rivalry

USA vs China rivalry and Made in China “Made in China” used to mean cheap and poor quality, and probably involving the theft of intellectual property somewhere along the line. That perception has been out of date for many years now. Counterfeiting by Chinese manufacturers is still a major problem in some industries,