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Jan 20, 2023

Colorado Seeks Payments for Oil & Gas Cleanup

Process will set financial assurance plan for all producers’ wells. Since October Colorado oil and gas companies have been submitting plans to the state detailing how they intend to pay for plugging and cleaning up oil and gas wells at the end of their productivity. When the process is complete, every operator in

Dec 21, 2022

The Business of Clinical Trials Is Booming. Private Equity Has Taken Notice

Rachana Pradhan December 2, 2022 After finding success investing in the more obviously lucrative corners of American medicine — like surgery centers and dermatology practices — private equity firms have moved aggressively into the industry’s more hidden niches: They are pouring billions into the business of clinical drug trials. To bring a new

Dec 14, 2022

Black Friday: Amazon employees protest for better working conditions

On Black Friday, in over 40 countries, Amazon employees protested to draw attention to the poor working conditions in the distribution centers. With the “Make Amazon Pay” initiative, the workforce is demanding higher wages and better working conditions. Although the company is making record profits, many of its employees can barely live on

Nov 24, 2022

Big Tech Layoffs in Europe: A Violation of EU Policy?

Amazon reportedly plans to lay off 10,000 employees, following Twitter and Meta’s lead; the question is: how will big tech conduct mass layoffs across borders? As big tech’s share prices fall and companies scramble to cut costs by slashing head-counts, a dot-com bust 2.0 is gathering speed and the world is along for

Nov 14, 2022

Amazon continues to destroy new goods and returns

An investigation by Greenpeace, Business Insider and ZDF frontal proves that Amazon continues to throw away and destroy returns and new goods. Secretly recorded images and conversations with employees reveal the ecological madness of a throwaway culture at Amazon. The company does not see itself as responsible, but rather the so-called third-party sellers.