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The 10 big climate insights of 2022

IPCC experts have distilled this year’s many important reports on climate change into 10 conclusions Experts from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have distilled this year’s main findings from climate science, in the hope that government delegates will take them on board at the ongoing UN climate summit. “The insights are

The Risky Language of Climate Uncertainty

Academics need to stop talking about climate change in ways that obscure its true dangers. By Gernot Wagner A lot of today’s widespread confusion about climate change—some of it unwitting, some of it deliberately cultivated—stems from the critical miscommunication of two little words: risk and uncertainty. To most of the public, risk means

What Is the True Cost of Climate Change?

It’s time to call out the most dangerous assumption in the history of economics. By Jag Bhalla The dangers of climate change have been examined so thoroughly, for so long, that they should be obvious to all. Thirty-four years ago, NASA’s James Hansen prominently warned Congress that the greenhouse effect was “changing our

Fossil Decline Has Begun, But Time Running Out to Cut Emissions, Agencies Say

Oil and gas demand has levelled off, renewable energy costs are falling, and electric vehicles can dominate major markets by 2030, but countries will still need “unprecedented” emission reductions this decade to keep the worst of climate change under control, according to reports by three international agencies released yesterday and today. “The world

Cattle Ranching Is Actually Terrible for Biodiversity

Regenerative grazing is often touted as the answer to just about every challenge in our current food system. Billed as a ‘natural’ fix, the concept appeals to environmentally conscious consumers who want to buy their meat from a farm that’s beneficial to the ecosystem. The marketing tells them what they want to hear

Unchecked Ocean Warming Threatens Many Gulf and Caribbean Corals

Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean sea surface temperatures could surpass coral bleaching thresholds in the region as soon as 2050, motivating the need for prompt mitigation, researchers say. The coral reefs of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean are richly diverse ecosystems of global importance. These regions contain more than 10% of

Regulator Plans New Guideline to ‘Support’ Banks on Climate Risk

A September 30 deadline is looming for public comment on a new guideline meant to protect Canada’s finance sector from climate impacts, without addressing finance’s role in driving the climate emergency, an outside analyst warns. The May, 2022 draft on climate risk management issued by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions

Rethinking insurance for floods, wildfires and other catastrophes

Q&A — Economist Carolyn Kousky The industry is in crisis just when disaster coverage is most needed By Emily Underwood When Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana on August 29, 2005, surges of seawater more than 20 feet higher than normal tide levels crested over the levees surrounding New Orleans. Within hours, the levees started