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How extreme heat affects human health: A research roundup

by Naseem S. Miller, The Journalist’s Resource July was the Earth’s hottest month on record, according to the Copernicus Climate Change Service, a program of the European Union. Extreme heat not only strains water, energy and transportation infrastructure, and affects crops and livestock, it also impacts human health. Many people don’t take heat

On a mission to beat plastic pollution

Oftentimes they imagine a scientist being a crazy person in a lab suit, but then they themselves have been scientists As part of the German PlasticPiratesEU team, Tim and his colleagues have devised an innovative way to get students and teachers from schools around Germany and beyond to help gather information about the

Can You Smell Me Now? How ’Bout Now?

Ocean acidification is going to do all sorts of weird things to animals’ sensory perception. Dungeness crabs hunt by flicking their chemical-detecting antennae to and fro. Sensing the water—the underwater equivalent of sniffing the air—is a well-trod strategy for homing in on potential prey. But that timeless tactic appears to be at risk,

Displaced from Home and Sheltered in an Extreme Environment

Millions of people, displaced from their home countries, take refuge in areas that are highly vulnerable to extreme weather. Qaabata Boru left his home in Ethiopia on a nearly 1,500-kilometer journey to Kenya as a political refugee. Upon arriving at the Kakuma refugee camp, he learned of the worrying conditions faced by its