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Biden Cuts Fossil Subsidies, But Oil and Gas Still Lines Up for Billions

Despite a high-profile pledge from U.S. President Joe Biden’s to eliminate US$31 billion in fossil fuel subsidies, the country’s oil and gas industry is still lining up for billions in financial support under the national climate plan it once opposed. Biden included the subsidy measure in a US$6.9-trillion budget plan, released Thursday, that

Boreal Trees May Grow Faster Due to Climate Change

Enhanced tree growth could significantly offset carbon emissions, but some researchers say it’s not enough to compete with forest disturbances. In the world’s cold northern forests, climate change is altering the pace of life. Under warming temperatures, the average boreal tree will grow about 20% faster by the 2050s, a new study suggested.

Aim for the Stomach

Why the threat to food supplies — and industrial agriculture’s role in global warming — is central to the discourse on climate change. The writer Upton Sinclair once famously said, upon the reaction to his classic exposé of the slaughterhouse industry, The Jungle, “I aimed at the public’s heart, and by accident I

Did Climate Change Kill This Greenlander 70 Years Ago?

In 1952, a landslide caused a tsunami that killed a Greenlandic man. Some researchers think he might have been an early victim of anthropogenic warming. On a vast shoreline of crumbled, sloping rock in central West Greenland, four fishermen are hard at work tending their nets. Barely an instant after they realize a

Vegan pies, shirts made from coffee grounds, and fan urine-based fertiliser: how Forest Green Rovers became the world’s first carbon neutral club

Third tier English football club Forest Green Rovers are grabbing the footballing world’s attention through their climate friendly practices. The world’s first carbon-neutral club have a fully vegan half-time menu, shirts made from recycled coffee grounds, and are now fertilizing their fully organic pitch with the urine of away fans. They lead the