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Beyond COVID vaccines: what else could mRNA technology do for our health?

ph. nobeastsofierce/Shutterstock John Fraser, University of Auckland Many people first became familiar with the term “mRNA” when Pfizer’s and Moderna’s COVID vaccines were rolled out. In the simplest terms, mRNA, which stands for messenger ribonucleic acid, is a type of genetic material that gives cells in our bodies instructions to make specific proteins.

Future pandemics demand a response that’s better focused on inequities

by Alice Mũrage, Haaris Tiwana, Julia Smith. Originally published on Policy Options With COVID-19 no longer considered a public health emergency of international concern, the federal government is engaging in efforts to improve pandemic preparedness both domestically and globally, recognizing the need to learn from COVID-19 and prepare for the next potential infectious

From Smallpox to COVID-19: How Science has Triumphed Over Pandemics

The podcast explores how science has played a crucial role in defeating pandemics throughout history. It highlights medical breakthroughs such as the smallpox vaccine, antiretroviral drugs for HIV, and the rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines. Despite the ongoing threat of pandemics, science has shown that we have the tools to combat them, and

How indoor air quality in schools affects student learning and health

by Denise-Marie Ordway, The Journalist’s ResourceApril 12, 2023 This collection of research on indoor air quality in U.S. schools, originally published in December 2022, was updated April 12 with a new report that raises concerns about the number of school districts that have not followed the federal government’s guidance on strategies to increase

Navigating the Post-COVID Epoch: Confronting the Quandaries and Prospects in Economic Prognostication

This treatise delves into the multifaceted challenges and opportunities that have materialised in the sphere of economic prognostication, brought about by the COVID-19 cataclysm. We shall probe into the following domains: The Metamorphosing Terrain of Economic Forecasting Repercussions of COVID-19 on Prognostication Constructs Data Veracity and Accessibility Modifying Forecasting Approaches for a Post-COVID

Native Americans have experienced a dramatic decline in life expectancy during the COVID-19 pandemic – but the drop has been in the making for generations

Indigenous patients who live in rural areas often have limited access to medical care. THE PALMER/E+ via Getty Images Allison Kelliher, University of North Dakota Six and one-half years. That’s the decline in life expectancy that the COVID-19 pandemic wrought upon American Indians and Alaska Natives, based on an August 2022 report from