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US laws to promote home-grown industries will hurt African economies

ph. Shutterstock Jonathan Munemo, Salisbury University The Biden administration has ratcheted up protectionism and industrial policy amid surging economic tensions with China. Legislation passed in 2022 unlocked hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies to spur domestic production of renewable energy and electric vehicles, and to support other decarbonisation goals. The legislation is

How the US military used magazines to target ‘vulnerable’ groups with recruiting ads

Ad agencies developed distinct ads for the U.S. military to reach different demographics over the years. SDI Productions via Getty Images Jeremiah Favara, Gonzaga University In his forthcoming book, “Tactical Inclusion: Difference and Vulnerability in U.S. Military Advertising,” Jeremiah Favara, a communication scholar at Gonzaga University, examines military recruitment ads published in three

The US Needs More Electricians. One Solution? Recruit More Women.

Women represent just 2% of electricians in America. Danielle Renwick X April 20, 2023 Published in: The Guardian As a child, Cora Saxton liked to make things: forts, whittled wood carvings, a flying saucer even, so when she became an electrician, at 49, it felt like a perfect fit.   “I like the puzzle-solving

Biden Cuts Fossil Subsidies, But Oil and Gas Still Lines Up for Billions

Despite a high-profile pledge from U.S. President Joe Biden’s to eliminate US$31 billion in fossil fuel subsidies, the country’s oil and gas industry is still lining up for billions in financial support under the national climate plan it once opposed. Biden included the subsidy measure in a US$6.9-trillion budget plan, released Thursday, that