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How AI deepfakes threaten the 2024 elections

by Rehan Mirza, The Journalist’s Resource Last month, a robocall impersonating U.S. President Joe Biden went out to New Hampshire voters, advising them not to vote in the state’s presidential primary election.  The voice, generated by artificial intelligence, sounded quite real. “Save your vote for the November election,” the voice stated, falsely asserting that a

Deepfakes in South Africa: protecting your image online is the key to fighting them

ph. Deepfakes pose serious dangers. Arkadiusz Warguła/iStock Layckan Van Gensen, Stellenbosch University Leanne Manas is a familiar face on South African televisions. Towards the end of 2023 the morning news presenter’s face showed up somewhere else: in bogus news stories and fake advertisements in which “she” appeared to promote various products or get-rich-quick

AI-Fostered Ingenuity: Cultivating the Imagination of the Emerging Generation

In a period characterized by the ubiquitous presence of technology in almost every facet of human existence, ranging from modes of communication to methods of labor, it comes as no astonishment that artificial intelligence (AI) is progressively assuming a pivotal role in shaping creativity. The era where creativity was exclusively attributed to human

Digital Health: The Tech Transforming Healthcare

In this episode of “News of the Week,” host Mike explores the transformative impact of digital health technologies on the healthcare industry. From the convenience of telemedicine to the insights provided by wearable devices and the potential of artificial intelligence, the episode highlights how technology is revolutionizing healthcare delivery and management. Despite the

AI & EI: Shaping the Future Workforce

In an era briskly morphing under the influence of digital innovation, the confluence of artificial intelligence (AI) and emotional acumen (EI) emerges as pivotal in sculpting the workforce of tomorrow. With AI’s tendrils extending into every cranny of our existence, from automating vocational tasks to enhancing personal digital aides, engendering a cohort proficient

The Impact of AI on Financial Services

Within the ever-mutating panorama of the financial services domain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has ascended as a cataclysmic element, redefining the operational modalities, interaction paradigms with clientele, and data stewardship strategies. The assimilation of AI innovations has heralded a novel epoch of adeptness, personalisation, and hazard governance, fundamentally metamorphosing the industry’s dynamics. This exposition

Tech Titans: R&D Strategies in the Digital Era

In the vanguard of technological evolution, the behemoths of the tech realm are redefining the contours of research and development (R&D) in this digital epoch. Their methodical and forward-thinking strategies in R&D are crafting a framework for triumph in an epoch where technological advancements occur at a staggering pace. Revolutionary R&D Modalities in

Frontiers of Innovation: The R&D Revolution in Tech”

In the ever-evolving tapestry of today’s technological landscape, the significance of research and development (R&D) is a tale of ceaseless intrigue and innovation. As a technology journalist, I’ve observed how R&D serves not just as the backbone but the very soul of advancements in this rapidly changing world. It’s a field where the