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Russia is building a closer alliance with the world’s autocracies – the west should beware

Barbara Yoxon, Lancaster University Russia is planning to buy “millions” of Soviet-era weapons from North Korea, a recent US intelligence report revealed. Britain’s defence intelligence has also confirmed that Russia is already using Iranian-made drones in Ukraine. The revelations follow a series of diplomatic exchanges between Russian president Vladimir Putin and North Korean

How Does China’s New Rural Pension Scheme Affect Agricultural Production?

This study examines the spillover effects of China’s New Rural Pension Scheme (NRPS) implemented in 2009 as a cash transfer program for agricultural production. Based on the data collected by the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Survey (CHARLS) in four periods (2011, 2013, 2015 and 2018), we employ Seemingly Unrelated Regression to explore

Russia’s neighbours are looking towards the EU or China for protection

Christoph Bluth, University of Bradford Russian president Vladimir Putin’s increasingly explicit imperial ambitions to reconstitute a Russian empire from the ashes of the Soviet Union has raised considerable fears among former members. The only former USSR state that has fully endorsed and supported the Russian campaign against Ukraine is Belarus, where President Alexander

Ban or regulate: The world searches for a way to deal with cryptocurrencies

China bans cryptocurrencies. The Central African Republic is making Bitcoins a legal tender. Meanwhile, the EU failed to require the crypto industry to be more sustainable: Conservatives and the Right prevent the paragraph demanded by the Social Democrats. The world is divided on how to deal with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Proponents point to

Urbanization and Grain Production Pattern of China

The flow and reallocation of agricultural production factors induced by urbanization play an important role in the changes of the grain production pattern (GPP). Using provincial panel data from 1996 to 2018 in China as the research sample, the center of gravity transfer–standard deviation ellipse model was applied to understand the change characteristics

The next phase of China’s water infrastructure: a national water grid

As China rolls out the blueprint of a national water grid, the authors examine the country’s changing water engineering thinking China’s mega water projects, such as the Three Gorges Dam and the South-to-North Water Diversion project (SNWD), are famous. There is a sense in some quarters that the country is shifting from an

Colombian coal rides China’s economic rebound

China plans to peak its coal consumption by 2025 but, amid economic recovery, imports of the fuel from Colombia increased 150% last year. Can the new trade last? Back in late 2020, Colombia’s stated hope of saving its floundering coal industry by boosting exports to China seemed remote at best. Yet, in 2021