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The Politics of Religion in Asia: Balancing Pluralism and Identity

In the dense tapestry of Asia’s socio-political life, religion weaves a dominant thread, influencing not merely personal convictions but shaping the very ethos of national identities and legislative frameworks. The continent, a mosaic of beliefs ranging from the polytheistic spectacles of Hinduism to the monotheistic tenets of Islam and Christianity, and the philosophic

America’s Tactic in Balancing Power Amidst Triple-Threat Tensions

In this episode, Kai Gibson discusses the United States’ role in international conflicts and diplomacy. The segment begins with the situation in Ukraine, questioning whether the US can sustain its support without overextending its resources. The focus then shifts to Israel, where the US must adapt its long-standing support to match the changing

Taliban: why China wants them as a friend and not as a foe

Tom Harper, University of East London The Taliban’s presence at the massive October jamboree in Beijiing to celebrate the 10th year of China’s ambitious trade plan, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), is part of Beijing’s regional strategy. This was one of only a handful of foreign visits made by the Taliban since

Is the Middle Kingdom Equipped for Legislation against Cyber Hostility?

Preamble In the epoch of digital interconnectivity, the ubiquity of the internet has revolutionised the paradigm of communication, knowledge acquisition, and trade transactions. Nevertheless, the upsurge of social networks, web-based dialogues, and virtual conglomerates has not only broadened the spectrum of interaction but also catalysed the emergence of cyber hostility. This nefarious phenomenon

Here’s how China is responding to US sanctions – with blocking laws and other countermeasures

U.S. sanctions have further strained relations between the two superpowers. narvikk/iStock/Getty Images Plus Bashar Malkawi, University of Arizona After a recent meeting between U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and officials in Beijing, China released a statement demanding “practical action” over the issue of sanctions. The implication was that the punitive measures – imposed

Fresh fears over China’s expansion in South Pacific

Welcome to “News of the Week. In today’s episode, we discuss China’s expanding presence in the South Pacific, particularly the Solomon Islands, and the concerns raised by Australia. China and the Solomon Islands recently pledged to enhance their security cooperation, sparking alarm over China’s growing influence in the region. Australia demands transparency and

US laws to promote home-grown industries will hurt African economies

ph. Shutterstock Jonathan Munemo, Salisbury University The Biden administration has ratcheted up protectionism and industrial policy amid surging economic tensions with China. Legislation passed in 2022 unlocked hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies to spur domestic production of renewable energy and electric vehicles, and to support other decarbonisation goals. The legislation is