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We need to talk about Chinese and US influence in Europe’s energy industry

With around 700,000 panels, France’s Massangis solar farm generates 56 megawatts (MW) of power. The panels are manufactured by First Solar, a US company. Ibex73/Wikimedia, CC BY Carine Sebi, Grenoble École de Management (GEM) and Patrick Criqui, Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) The EU’s climate agenda is in trouble. The Green Deal, which aims

The Ascendancy of Asian Economies: A Phenomenon of Economic Renaissance

Over recent decades, the economic terrain globally has undergone a profound metamorphosis, notably within Asia. This locale, erstwhile marked by pervasive impoverishment and economic torpor, has ascended as a colossus of economic vigour and ingenuity. The astronomical escalation of Asian economies is not solely a narrative of brisk industrialisation but also a saga

The Great Wall to Modern Skylines: China’s Evolution

In the annals of human civilisation, few nations present a tableau as rich and variegated as China. From the ancient and imposing Great Wall, a symbol of cultural endurance and architectural grandeur, to the glittering skylines of Shanghai and Beijing, the narrative of China is one of profound transformation, marked by both continuity

Tradition Meets Modernity: The Evolving Face of Asia

In the dynamic expanse of Asia, a profound transformation is unfolding, seamlessly weaving the rich tapestry of traditional values with the brisk threads of modernity. This continent, home to ancient civilisations and burgeoning economies, stands at a crossroads of change, where the past and the present are not merely coexisting but also coalescing

The Politics of Religion in Asia: Balancing Pluralism and Identity

In the dense tapestry of Asia’s socio-political life, religion weaves a dominant thread, influencing not merely personal convictions but shaping the very ethos of national identities and legislative frameworks. The continent, a mosaic of beliefs ranging from the polytheistic spectacles of Hinduism to the monotheistic tenets of Islam and Christianity, and the philosophic

America’s Tactic in Balancing Power Amidst Triple-Threat Tensions

In this episode, Kai Gibson discusses the United States’ role in international conflicts and diplomacy. The segment begins with the situation in Ukraine, questioning whether the US can sustain its support without overextending its resources. The focus then shifts to Israel, where the US must adapt its long-standing support to match the changing

Taliban: why China wants them as a friend and not as a foe

Tom Harper, University of East London The Taliban’s presence at the massive October jamboree in Beijiing to celebrate the 10th year of China’s ambitious trade plan, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), is part of Beijing’s regional strategy. This was one of only a handful of foreign visits made by the Taliban since