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May 19, 2023

Traditional Role of Solicitors: Legal Expertise and Client Relations

Solicitors have traditionally been the first point of contact for clients seeking legal advice. From handling wills and property conveyancing to providing counsel on civil and criminal matters, solicitors have played a pivotal role in delivering legal services. With strong interpersonal skills, they have established trusting relationships with clients, frequently representing them in

Apr 4, 2023

ChatGPT e Provvedimento del Garante: un altro punto di vista

Ormai molti anni fa, purtroppo per me, alla mia seconda lezione di informatica giuridica all’università, il mio professore stupì tutti facendoci vedere il film “Nemico pubblico” con Will Smith. Eravamo agli albori della normativa sulla privacy, con la 675/96 entrata in vigore da poco tempo e con il DPR 318/99 (il regolamento recante

Mar 30, 2023

An Overview of the UK’s Employment Law: Rights and Responsibilities

A Comprehensive Guide to the Legal Landscape of Employment in the United Kingdom The United Kingdom boasts a comprehensive system of employment law designed to protect the rights of both employees and employers. This article offers an in-depth examination of the rights and responsibilities enshrined within the UK’s employment law framework, exploring key

Mar 14, 2023

Brexit’s Impact on UK Legal System: Changes and Challenges

Brexit, the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, has had a significant impact on the UK legal system. The changes and challenges faced by the UK legal system following Brexit are complex and multifaceted. In this article, we will explore the impact of Brexit on the UK legal system in