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The 10 big climate insights of 2022

IPCC experts have distilled this year’s many important reports on climate change into 10 conclusions Experts from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have distilled this year’s main findings from climate science, in the hope that government delegates will take them on board at the ongoing UN climate summit. “The insights are

What Is the True Cost of Climate Change?

It’s time to call out the most dangerous assumption in the history of economics. By Jag Bhalla The dangers of climate change have been examined so thoroughly, for so long, that they should be obvious to all. Thirty-four years ago, NASA’s James Hansen prominently warned Congress that the greenhouse effect was “changing our

Regulator Plans New Guideline to ‘Support’ Banks on Climate Risk

A September 30 deadline is looming for public comment on a new guideline meant to protect Canada’s finance sector from climate impacts, without addressing finance’s role in driving the climate emergency, an outside analyst warns. The May, 2022 draft on climate risk management issued by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions

Neighborhood Strategies Inform Boston’s First Urban Forest Plan

The city prioritizes equity and inclusion as it incorporates tree coverage into climate resiliency efforts. Eos · Neighborhood Strategies Inform Boston’s First Urban Forest Plan Mattapan, a neighborhood in southwestern Boston, is heating up. Although some areas of the residential neighborhood benefit from the cooling effects of nearby green spaces, others are vulnerable

Climate change is intensifying the water cycle, bringing more powerful storms and flooding – here’s what the science shows

At least 9 inches of rain across eastern Kentucky became floodwater that swept through neighborhoods in July 2022. Leandro Lozada/AFP via Getty Images Mathew Barlow, UMass Lowell Powerful storm systems triggered flash flooding across the U.S. in late July, inundating St. Louis neighborhoods with record rainfall and setting off mudslides in eastern Kentucky,

Five Things to Know About Drought in the American West

A new climate is re-writing the story of America’s drylands. Harsh and unrelenting. But also transformative? The dry conditions blanketing much of the American West are setting records nearly every week. Lakes Mead and Powell, the country’s largest reservoirs by capacity, dropped to new lows this year. The Great Salt Lake did, too.

Brooklyn startup addresses gun violence with climate jobs

On a bright spring afternoon, a group of workers from BlocPower descend the steps behind a four-story apartment building, down into the cramped, musty basement, where the only light is a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling. The workers — three of them trainees in a climate-focused workforce development program run by the

What is happening to Pakistan’s Green Stimulus?

New climate change minister Sherry Rehman has given her assurance that Pakistan will remain serious about conservation Wajahat Shah, 32, is a labourer at a government-run tree plantation, spread over 3,000 hectares of army land in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. “Ten days after the government announced the lockdown due to coronavirus, I had

Explainer: What is regenerative agriculture?

From policymakers to farmers and food companies, regenerative agriculture is being hailed as an alternative for food production with lower environmental impacts Regeneration” is a buzzword in the agriculture sector and beyond. It’s the subject of a Netflix documentary, Kiss the Ground, which centres on the UN’s projection that we may only have