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India’s million-dollar betel leaf industry is suffering in a warming world

Erratic regional rainfall and temperature fluctuations pose risks for the hugely popular but climatically sensitive plant Farmers across India are reporting that climate change is adversely affecting the quality of the betel leaf. The hugely popular plant, consumed by millions of people in South Asia, is struggling amid erratic rainfall and unusual temperature

Meltwater from Antarctic Glaciers Is Slowing Deep-Ocean Currents

Antarctic ice drives crucial deep-ocean currents that help regulate Earth’s climate. But the system is slowing down. Part of Earth’s deep-ocean conveyor belt is slowing, and melting ice is to blame, according to new research. When the sea freezes around Antarctica’s fringes in winter, the ice expels salt into the water below. Trillions

Why are so many climate records breaking all at once?

In the past few weeks, climate records have shattered across the globe – 4 July was the hottest global average day on record, breaking the record set the previous day. Average sea surface temperatures have been the highest ever recorded and Antarctic sea ice extent the lowest on record. Also on 4 July,

Family Trees Clarify Relationships Among Climate Models

A new genealogy based on similarities in the computer codes of different climate models could improve studies that combine projections from multiple models. Climate models are sophisticated numerical tools used to estimate and explore what Earth’s climate was like in the past, how it behaves now, and how it will change in the

Sea Ice Is Going, but When Will It Be Gone?

A pair of studies demonstrate the uncertainty over when the Arctic will become seasonally sea ice free. Every September since 1979, the U.S. government has measured the extent of sea ice in the Arctic. And the picture is not a pretty one—more than 2 million square kilometers have been lost in that time,