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Rekindling the Practice of Cultural Burning: An Act of Climate Hope

Indigenous-led prescribed fire is helping to restore depleted lands and long-suppressed cultural practices. After more than 100 years of suppressing the West’s fires, land managers and government agencies are finally warming to the idea that fire can be beneficial — and necessary — for many landscapes. This idea is far from new among

Resurrecting Climate-Resilient Rice in India

Seemingly miraculous varieties that can withstand drought, flood, and saltwater intrusion are the result of centuries of selective breeding by ancient farmers. Until as recently as 1970, India was a land with more than 100,000 distinct varieties of rice. Across a diversity of landscapes, soils, and climates, native rice varieties, also called “landraces,”

A pillar of the climate-smart agriculture movement is on shaky ground

Cover crops have gained elite status as a way for farmers to fight climate change. But a closer look at the growing body of research raises questions about their ability to lower greenhouse gas emissions. It’s one thing the Biden administration, agribusiness leaders, soil scientists and environmentalists all agree on: farmers across the

The 10 big climate insights of 2022

IPCC experts have distilled this year’s many important reports on climate change into 10 conclusions Experts from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have distilled this year’s main findings from climate science, in the hope that government delegates will take them on board at the ongoing UN climate summit. “The insights are

What Is the True Cost of Climate Change?

It’s time to call out the most dangerous assumption in the history of economics. By Jag Bhalla The dangers of climate change have been examined so thoroughly, for so long, that they should be obvious to all. Thirty-four years ago, NASA’s James Hansen prominently warned Congress that the greenhouse effect was “changing our