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Crippling civilian infrastructure has long been part of Russian generals’ playbook – Putin is merely expanding that approach

Ukrainian firefighters battling flames at a power station hit by Russian missiles. Serhii Mykhalchuk/Global Images Ukraine via Getty Images Benjamin Jensen, American University School of International Service In response to massive battlefield setbacks, Russia has increased its attacks in Ukraine on everything from power plants and dams to railways, pipelines and ports. These

What are tactical nuclear weapons? An international security expert explains and assesses what they mean for the war in Ukraine

This Russian short-range cruise missile, the Iskander-K, can carry nuclear warheads for several hundred miles. Russian Defense Ministry Press Service photo via AP Nina Srinivasan Rathbun, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences Tactical nuclear weapons have burst onto the international stage as Russian President Vladimir Putin, facing battlefield losses in eastern

Russia is building a closer alliance with the world’s autocracies – the west should beware

Barbara Yoxon, Lancaster University Russia is planning to buy “millions” of Soviet-era weapons from North Korea, a recent US intelligence report revealed. Britain’s defence intelligence has also confirmed that Russia is already using Iranian-made drones in Ukraine. The revelations follow a series of diplomatic exchanges between Russian president Vladimir Putin and North Korean

Unexpected Ukrainian resistance continues to thwart Russia’s initial plans for quick, decisive victories

A Ukrainian soldier inspects a residential building after it was damaged following a Russian shelling attack In Kyiv. Mykhaylo Palinchak/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images Liam Collins, United States Military Academy West Point As Ukrainian forces fight a late-summer counterattack to wrest the southern province of Kherson from Russian control, Russian President Vladimir Putin

Are Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats a bluff? In a word – probably

Matthew Sussex, Australian National University Russian President Vladimir Putin habitually rattles his nuclear sabres when things start looking grim for Moscow, and has done so long before his ill-advised invasion of Ukraine. In February 2008, he promised to target Ukraine with nuclear weapons if the United States stationed missile defences there. In August

Russia’s neighbours are looking towards the EU or China for protection

Christoph Bluth, University of Bradford Russian president Vladimir Putin’s increasingly explicit imperial ambitions to reconstitute a Russian empire from the ashes of the Soviet Union has raised considerable fears among former members. The only former USSR state that has fully endorsed and supported the Russian campaign against Ukraine is Belarus, where President Alexander

The Truth behind the Myth of Russia ‘Threatened’ by NATO

Facts give the lie to Russia’s claim to be defending itself against an expansionist NATO. Moscow has always been the biggest threat to its neighbours, to freedom and to the whole of humanity. The regime of Vladimir Putin spends more than $300 million annually on disseminating its propaganda and disinformation in various languages