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What does Kim Jong Un stand to gain from his meeting with Vladimir Putin?

Justin Hastings, University of Sydney North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has reportedly offered his “full and unconditional support” to Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit to eastern Russia this week. Analysts speculate this could mean ammunition for Russia’s war in Ukraine, given North Korea is believed to have large quantities of ammunition

Putin’s Prisoner

Title: Putin’s Prisoner Author: Aiden Aslin (Author), John Sweeney (Author), Paul Slack (Narrator), Steve John Shepherd – foreword (Narrator), Penguin Audio (Publisher) In “Putin’s Prisoner” Aiden Aslin recounts his harrowing journey as a soldier in the Ukrainian marines, facing the brutal reality of war and becoming a prisoner of the devastating conflict between

Ukraine war: the implications of Moscow moving tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus

Veronika Poniscjakova, University of Portsmouth Russia is reported to have deployed nuclear weapons in Belarus, a step that was much telegraphed earlier this year and recently confirmed by Poland. This move has caused concern in neighbouring countries and has affected security arrangements in Europe. Russia reportedly has the world’s biggest nuclear arsenal, with

Russia-Africa summit provides a global stage for Moscow to puff up its influence

Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Russia-Africa Summit in 2019 in Sochi, Russia. Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images Joseph Siegle, University of Maryland Forty-three African heads of state attended the 2019 Russia-Africa summit. They had high hopes that Russia would emerge as a new source of investment and trade for the continent. Russian president Vladimir