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Mar 16, 2023

Following Ohio Derailment, Concerns Arise Over Expansion of Rail and Pipeline Transport of Hazardous Material

Experts warn that a growing network of carbon dioxide pipelines are dangerous and under-regulated. In the aftermath of last month’s toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, questions and concerns about the adequacy of rail safety regulations have resurfaced. The train, owned by Norfolk Southern, was transporting chemicals and other hazardous materials when

Mar 16, 2023

An unexpected source of methane? Your local sewage plant.

Wastewater treatment plants are typically overlooked when it comes to reducing greenhouse gasses, but new research from Princeton University reveals the plants emit twice as much methane as previously thought. Methane is a particularly potent greenhouse gas and the treatment plants should be part of any plan to reduce emissions, according to the

Mar 15, 2023

Native Plants Are Hiding Up High, but Invaders Are Catching Up

Far from pristine outposts of nature, mountains across the world are being rapidly colonized by non-native plants that spread uphill along roads. Mountain ranges are home to numerous plant and animal species, many of which are specifically adapted to life at high altitudes and occur nowhere else on Earth. But new research suggests

Mar 14, 2023

Biden Cuts Fossil Subsidies, But Oil and Gas Still Lines Up for Billions

Despite a high-profile pledge from U.S. President Joe Biden’s to eliminate US$31 billion in fossil fuel subsidies, the country’s oil and gas industry is still lining up for billions in financial support under the national climate plan it once opposed. Biden included the subsidy measure in a US$6.9-trillion budget plan, released Thursday, that

Mar 14, 2023

“Watershed” agreement: Farmers, water suppliers and communities work together to protect their water sources

In Bolivia, 24,000 farmers in cooperation with communities and public water suppliers protect more than 600,000 hectares of forest from deforestation, exploitation, and the interests of mining companies—and thus protect the regional water supply in the long term. The Reciprocal Watershed Agreement (ARA) is now considered a model for conservation in South America:

Mar 8, 2023

Advocates seek to boost clean energy program in latest Farm Bill renewal

The Inflation Reduction Act offered bigger grants under a rural clean energy program. Now, advocates want Congress to bring the rest of the program in line with those ambitions as part of the latest Farm Bill reauthorization. Drew Bowman’s free-range turkeys don’t use much electricity. Getting their meat to customers, though, from slaughter

Mar 7, 2023

Countdown to the Next East Palestine?

Train derailments and chemical disasters could happen in any community — even yours. A freight train whistles in the distance, and my heart skips a beat. Ever since the train derailment and resulting chemical disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, three weeks ago, I’ve taken to listening to the sounds of trains passing through