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As Europe goes green, number crunchers map the ripple effects

It is called “Model Explorer” and its scheduled release in mid-2023 is being keenly anticipated. A new video game for screen-addicted teenagers worldwide? Not quite. Behind the scenes “Model Explorer” will mark the next advance in computer modelling for Europe’s clean-energy ambitions, promising key insights into the impact on societies of the planned

Neighborhood Strategies Inform Boston’s First Urban Forest Plan

The city prioritizes equity and inclusion as it incorporates tree coverage into climate resiliency efforts. Eos · Neighborhood Strategies Inform Boston’s First Urban Forest Plan Mattapan, a neighborhood in southwestern Boston, is heating up. Although some areas of the residential neighborhood benefit from the cooling effects of nearby green spaces, others are vulnerable

What is happening to Pakistan’s Green Stimulus?

New climate change minister Sherry Rehman has given her assurance that Pakistan will remain serious about conservation Wajahat Shah, 32, is a labourer at a government-run tree plantation, spread over 3,000 hectares of army land in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. “Ten days after the government announced the lockdown due to coronavirus, I had

Russia’s invasion drives existential crisis for fossil fuels

The best way for the West to avoid further financial and ethical squeezes is to speed up the green transition. Every war is a waste, a mindless extinction of lives, infrastructure and nature. But the sheer folly of the Russian invasion of Ukraine appears even more tragic when framed against the dawning energy

Hydropower dams make a fish-friendly splash

Europe is awash in hydropower plants. There are over 21,000 of various sizes currently in operation, most of which are small plants generating less than 10MW, according to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) data from 2019. For some countries, like Italy, hydropower is the only renewable way to generate baseload power. But for fish

How Well Can the UN Development Program Manage Global Climate Funding?

The United Nations Development Program is still facing calls for accountability regarding the reported mismanagement of a project that aimed to mitigate climate change and was funded by a primary entity in the UN system. The project ran from 2010 to 2017 and was meant to improve energy efficiency in Russia, but internal