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China closes tourist spots in Inner Mongolia after bubonic plague case

ities in the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia have closed several tourist spots after a case of bubonic plague was confirmed this week. The case was discovered in Bayannur, located northwest of the capital Beijing. Five nearby grassland scenic points have now been closed, with visitors strictly prohibited from entering the affected area

Thucydides And The Dragon: Artificial Intelligence And Sino-US Rivalry

USA vs China rivalry and Made in China “Made in China” used to mean cheap and poor quality, and probably involving the theft of intellectual property somewhere along the line. That perception has been out of date for many years now. Counterfeiting by Chinese manufacturers is still a major problem in some industries,

Study on PM2.5 pollution and the mortality due to lung cancer in China

BackgroundPM2.5 has become a major component of air pollution in China and has led to a series of health problems. The mortality rate caused by lung cancer has reached the point where it cannot be ignored in China. Air pollution is becoming more and more serious in China, which is increasingly affecting people’s