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Killing Thatcher: The IRA, the Manhunt and the Long War on the Crown

Title: Killing Thatcher: The IRA, the Manhunt and the Long War on the Crown

Author: Rory Carroll (Author), Gary Trainor (Narrator), HarperCollins (Publisher)

In “Killing Thatcher,” seasoned journalist Rory Carroll delivers a gripping and meticulously researched account of one of the most audacious assassination attempts in British history. This spellbinding book takes readers on a compelling journey through the turbulent era of the Northern Ireland Troubles and the relentless pursuit of revenge against then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her government.

The narrative commences with the shocking execution of Lord Mountbatten in 1979, an act for which the IRA claimed responsibility. Carroll deftly explores the roots of the conflict in Northern Ireland, setting the stage for the rise of Margaret Thatcher to power and her approach to dealing with the escalating ‘Troubles’ in the region. As events unfold, the reader is drawn into the heart-wrenching hunger strikes of 1981, including the death of 10 republican prisoners, which marked a turning point in Thatcher’s relationship with the IRA and further fueled their determination to retaliate.

The centerpiece of the book is the infamous Brighton bombing in 1984, a meticulously planned and executed plot that aimed to assassinate Thatcher and obliterate the entire British Cabinet. Carroll paints a vivid picture of the events leading up to the fateful day, masterfully introducing us to the central figure, bomber Patrick Magee, and building the suspense as the reader becomes entrenched in the intrigue that follows.

“Killing Thatcher” skillfully weaves together a web of characters and perspectives, from the elite IRA team, aided by a rogue priest, foreign funding, and support from Libya’s Qaddafi, to the intelligence officers, police detectives, informers, and bomb disposal officers who tirelessly pursued justice. The narrative spans continents, encompassing scenes in pubs and palaces, safe houses and interrogation rooms, hotels and barracks, adding to the book’s enthralling and cinematic quality.

What sets this book apart is its deft blend of true crime and political history. Carroll’s storytelling prowess allows the reader to experience not only the tension and drama of a gripping manhunt but also the broader political implications of the attack. The Brighton bombing forever altered the political landscape of the UK, leaving an indelible mark on the nation’s collective memory.

Carroll’s writing captures the essence of the time, immersing readers in the atmosphere and emotions of that tumultuous period. His deep dive into the motivations and actions of those involved provides invaluable insights into the minds of both the attackers and the defenders, shedding light on the complexities of terrorism and counterterrorism.

“Killing Thatcher” is a groundbreaking work that unravels a chapter of history previously shrouded in mystery and intrigue. With meticulous research and a gripping narrative, Carroll presents the first major investigation into the Brighton attack. This book will undoubtedly appeal to history enthusiasts, true crime aficionados, and anyone interested in the intricate dance between politics and terrorism.

In conclusion, “Killing Thatcher: The IRA, the Manhunt and the Long War on the Crown” is an engrossing and enlightening read that skillfully delves into a significant moment in British history. Carroll’s journalistic prowess brings this captivating tale to life, offering readers a riveting exploration of political intrigue, terrorism, and the relentless pursuit of vengeance. This book deserves a place on the shelf of every history buff and anyone fascinated by the complexities of political conflicts.

Author: The Editorial Team

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