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Feb 9, 2024

King: The Life of Martin Luther King

Title: King: The Life of Martin Luther King Author: Jonathan Eig In the realm of literary contributions to the understanding of historical figures, Jonathan Eig’s “King: The Life of Martin Luther King” stands out as a monumental achievement. Recently selected as one of Barack Obama’s favourite books of 2023, this New York Times

Feb 7, 2024

Universities must uphold Indigenous rights to self-determine

by Policy Options. Originally published on Policy Options Indigenous identity has long been a topic of (un)critical debate in Canada, usually shaped by colonial stories rooted in assimilation and erasure. The impact of Sir John A. MacDonald, the Indian Act, the 1969 white paper and Joey Smallwood continues to influence relations within and

Feb 6, 2024

The Art of Balance: Understanding Asian Philosophies

In the pantheon of sagacity and illumination, the edifices of Asian thought loom grandiose, proffering insights that breach the confines of era and ethos. Anchored in the venerable depths of archaic civilisations, these philosophical streams offer not merely an interpretative lens for the cosmos but also a blueprint for coexistence in consonance. This

Feb 6, 2024

African countries are struggling with high debt, demands to spend more and collapsing currencies: the policy fixes that could help

Jonathan Munemo, Salisbury University Highly indebted African countries are facing stark trade-offs between servicing expensive debt, supporting high and growing development needs, and stabilising domestic currencies. Government debt has risen in at least 40 African countries over the past decade. As a result, some are experiencing a bad combination of high debt, elevated

Feb 5, 2024

How Argentina’s protesters are responding to a new president who wants to end environmental protections and sell off natural resources

Paula Serafini, Queen Mary University of London Argentina’s new ultra right-wing president Javier Milei, who took office in December 2023, has enjoyed a sudden rise to power. A libertarian economist who came to prominence for his aggressive, extremist declarations as a TV panellist, Milei managed to channel the desire for change of millions

Jan 31, 2024

Philosophy Today: Unravelling Contemporary Threads in Human Inquiry

In the ever-shifting tableau of present-day philosophy, the dissection of humanistic studies emerges as a cornerstone in our comprehension of the milieu we inhabit. Herein, we undertake a thorough exploration into the contemporary currents sculpting philosophical thought today, illuminating the intricate viewpoints and trailblazing conceptions that are transforming this domain. Transmutation of Modern

Jan 26, 2024

The Great Wall to Modern Skylines: China’s Evolution

In the annals of human civilisation, few nations present a tableau as rich and variegated as China. From the ancient and imposing Great Wall, a symbol of cultural endurance and architectural grandeur, to the glittering skylines of Shanghai and Beijing, the narrative of China is one of profound transformation, marked by both continuity