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Nov 22, 2022

US politics: midterm elections have handed Joe Biden a divided Congress – history tells us that’s bad for good government

Christoph Pfeufer, Bocconi University and Massimo Morelli, Bocconi University Contrary to the expectations of many observers, the “red wave” stopped at the House of Representatives and only delivered the Republican Party a small majority. The Senate, though, will remain under Democrat control. So the US Congress will be divided until the 2024 election

Nov 21, 2022

The Risky Language of Climate Uncertainty

Academics need to stop talking about climate change in ways that obscure its true dangers. By Gernot Wagner A lot of today’s widespread confusion about climate change—some of it unwitting, some of it deliberately cultivated—stems from the critical miscommunication of two little words: risk and uncertainty. To most of the public, risk means

Nov 19, 2022

Qatar refuses payoffs to FIFA World Cup 2022 workers

Qatar claimed millions of dollars in unpaid wages were already disbursed Three weeks ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar’s Labour Minister has rejected calls from human rights groups to compensate migrant workers involved in building stadiums and other infrastructure. A global campaign called #PayUpFIFA was launched by Human Rights Watch (HRW)

Nov 18, 2022

Deepfakes are being used for good – here’s how

The Reface App on a smartphone. Italy stock images / Alamy Stock Photo Dominic Lees, University of Reading In the second season of BBC mystery thriller The Capture, deepfakes threaten the future of democracy and UK national security. In a dystopia set in present day London, hackers use AI to insert these highly

Nov 16, 2022

New Mexico Oil and Gas Rules Await Cash After Democratic Sweep

The state’s majority Democrat Legislature has yet to fully fund enforcement of recently strengthened regulations. Despite a Democratic sweep of New Mexico state offices and continuing blue majority in the upcoming Legislature, the future of oil and gas regulation remains hazy. Michelle Lujan Grisham returns to the Governor’s Mansion for another four years,

Nov 15, 2022

What Is the True Cost of Climate Change?

It’s time to call out the most dangerous assumption in the history of economics. By Jag Bhalla The dangers of climate change have been examined so thoroughly, for so long, that they should be obvious to all. Thirty-four years ago, NASA’s James Hansen prominently warned Congress that the greenhouse effect was “changing our