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Five reasons why the four-day week won’t work

Will it stand up? Randy Fath/Unsplash, CC BY-SA Wim Naudé, University College Cork The four-day working week continues to gain momentum, with pilots taking place in the UK, Ireland, US, Canada and Australia. Over six-month periods between February and November, employees at participating businesses are working only 80% of their time but still

Are Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threats a bluff? In a word – probably

Matthew Sussex, Australian National University Russian President Vladimir Putin habitually rattles his nuclear sabres when things start looking grim for Moscow, and has done so long before his ill-advised invasion of Ukraine. In February 2008, he promised to target Ukraine with nuclear weapons if the United States stationed missile defences there. In August

The Truth behind the Myth of Russia ‘Threatened’ by NATO

Facts give the lie to Russia’s claim to be defending itself against an expansionist NATO. Moscow has always been the biggest threat to its neighbours, to freedom and to the whole of humanity. The regime of Vladimir Putin spends more than $300 million annually on disseminating its propaganda and disinformation in various languages

Joe Biden: a report card on the US president’s first year in office

Clodagh Harrington, De Montfort University and Alex Waddan, University of Leicester When Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th US president in January 2021, 51.3% of American voters heaved a sigh of relief – along with much of the world. After four tumultuous and unscripted years of Donald Trump, restoration of calm

Socialism in the US: As American as Coca Cola

In the US, politicians like Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez inspire millions of people – although they represent classic social democratic politics and even use the word “socialism” in their speeches. The fact that the US is more than turbo-capitalism and apple pie is also shown by the strong civil society that organizes