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Utility of Deep Learning Algorithms in Initial Flowering Period Prediction Models

The application of a deep learning algorithm (DL) can more accurately predict the initial flowering period of Platycladus orientalis (L.) Franco. In this research, we applied DL to establish a nationwide long-term prediction model of the initial flowering period of R2) were used as training effect indicators to evaluate the prediction accuracy. The simulation results show that the three models are applicable to the prediction of the initial flowering of P. orientalis, and the stability of the contribution rate of the factors related to the daily minimum temperature factor has obvious fluctuations with an average standard deviation of 8.57 × 10−3, which might be related to the plants being sensitive to low temperature stress. The GRU model can accurately predict the change rule of the initial flowering, with an average accuracy greater than 98%, and the simulation effect is the best, indicating that the potential application of the GRU model is the prediction of initial flowering.

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Authors: Guanjie Jiao ,Xiawei Shentu ,Xiaochen Zhu ,Wenbo Song ,Yujia Song and Kexuan Yang