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Covid-19 and mental health awareness

Emotional well-being is a state of positive mental health where the individual is able to handle his emotions and all life activities.

He understands his emotions, learns, and copes with all the negative situations, achieves, and finds a positive emotional state which finally leads to success.

Covid-19 is a disease caused by newly discovered novel corona virus.

The outbreak came to light in December 2019 with the emergence of unexplained fever and pneumonia.

In the next few months, the disease spread to various countries worldwide and turned into a pandemic.

Governments around the world took drastic measures to control the pandemic and safeguard the citizens.

Strict isolation, quarantine, and lockdowns were introduced.

People were confined to their home for multiple days which led to intense mental stress.

Day-to-day activities were disturbed, and people also suffered huge-economic losses.

With the reduction in interpersonal contact and social activities, various psychological problems have emerged and suicides are being reported.

Health-care personnel went through great stress and sleepless nights in taking care of the Covid-19 patients. In times of these stressful situations, the mental health awareness can play a crucial role.

Simple behavior changes and mindfulness can make significant changes toward positive mental health.

The maintenance of proper mental hygiene and regular support from mental health-care workers played a significant role in this regard.

However, routine personal health care became less accessible to the general public during the pandemic.

This has paved the way for the development of digital psychiatry.

Thus, we bring out this review to provide an overview of the emotional well-being, mental health awareness of people during lockdown, prevention of suicide, and emergence of digital psychiatry during Covid-19 pandemic.

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Anil Kakunje

Rajesh Mithur

M Kishor